Trident Nutrient Recovery Case Studies

We make the manure management process efficient and help reduce your costs

Nutrient & Bedding Recovery Solution in Delta, BC

Learn more about this pilot nutrient recovery project for a 300 cow dairy farm with anaerobic digester in British-Columbia's Lower Mainland area.

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Complete Nutrient Recovery Solutions at Fair Oaks Farms

One of the largest dairy farms North America's, the 14,000 cow Fair Oaks Farm, implements the latest manure management technology.

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Nutrient Recovery - Our Expertise

We are one of the leading global resources for the advancement of nutrient recovery technologies for agriculture

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Nutrient Recovery Solutions

We have been investing into years of research and field testing in cooperation with industry leaders, manure management professionals and dairy producers to be able to provide you the best solutions

For centuries farm manure disposal was solved by simply spreading the rich fertilizer on the land to help the crops grow. Today, that is no longer the best solution, in fact, it is the problem as farmland has become overloaded with nutrients and there are serious ramifications. Modern farming is looking to advanced technology.

We have developed the Trident Nutrient Recovery System, an award winning manure management process that is easy for farmers to pur­chase, implement, use and maintain. It provides a complete solution including many benefits besides just nutrient recovery.

Manure Systems Inc. | Manure Management Project: Seabreeze Farms, Delta BC
  •  Complete automation of manure system
  •  Reduced bedding and transportation cost
  •  New nutrient format for precision AG-application
  •  Accelerated farm growth without land purchase

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Our Trident Bedding Recovery System provides farmer with safe, high-quality, low cost bedding manufactured from the large fibre contained in manure. This recycled fibre, called “green bedding”, makes an excellent substitute for the wood, straw, oat hulls or other organic materials farmers usually purchase from outside suppliers.

The Trident Bedding system is unique because it pre-extracts the manure’s viscous mucoid structure and fine particles prior to fibre extraction enabling us to harvest truly premium bedding.

  • Significant cost savings
  • System is scaleable to herd size
  • Dry matter up to 38% for immediate use
  • Large particle size for improved herd health cow

Trident Bedding Recovery Brochure
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Our Trident Equipment is specifically designed to allow efficient nutrient and bedding recovery and to maximize the benefits for each application. Proven design and quality as well as low-cost maintenance make Trident Equipment an excellent choice for many industries, including Agriculture, Oil and Gas Operations or Food Processing.

Trident KDS Separator | MANURE SYSTEMS INC.
  • Proven quality and robust
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple to use
  • Automated control

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