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Our focus is on the advancement of manure management technologies for agriculture; providing state of the art equipment for the intensive livestock industry. The time is right for change; new ideas, stronger customer support, superior products designed to work in the most grueling conditions.

We are changing the way manure is handled by implementing advanced technology and making it an integral part of modern farm operations, resulting in efficient use of resources, cost savings and sustainability.

Please take the time to visit our website. If you are interested in learning more about what we have to offer call 1-800-799-3740 or email us at info@kpdconsulting.ca. I thank you for your time and look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Kerry Doyle, CEO

Our management team is a group of specialist with many years of experience in the AG-sector, including farm equipment sales, marketing, equipment engineering and manufacturing as well as fluid materials handling. Excellent project management and process know-how are key.

Founder, Kerry Doyle, was the developer of the original Rotary Screen Separator now sold around the world and has been a leader in the development of manure handling and processing systems for over 30 years.

We continue to develop our technology through collaborations with important strategic partners: process engineers, ag-scientists, equipment dealers and the farmers themselves. We are also a key partner in a major nutrient recovery study, administered by the University of Wisconsin and funded by the USDA. The results of the study have been instrumental in the process validation and development stage of the primary system design.

Are you a dealer?

We are offering you an opportunity to become a member of the Trident dealer network and invite you to join our team. Contact us for details.

Dr. Aicardo Roa – Science and Technology
25 years of experience in field of polymer chemistry, solids separation and soil and water engineering. Distinguished published academic, former adjunct professor Biological Systems Engineering University of Wisconsin. Past consultant to the US Marine Corps, NRCS, USDA for numerous soil and erosion control projects. Holder of several patents surrounding polymer formulation and applications.

RC Ludke – Automation and Process Development
Experience in all aspects of construction and construction management, dairy systems design, fabrication, automation and process control. Qualified sales and marketing professional specializing in manure and nutrient recovery systems, polymer technologies and related processes.

Jay Van Den Huevel – Process Equipment Design, Manufacturing and Implementation
Over 40 years’ experience developing custom solutions for water and wastewater treatment for application in intensive livestock, food, dairy, and paper industries.

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Feedback from our customers

  • We looked at several technologies but operationally, the Trident system made the most sense. We could see, not only did they understand the science, they also understood how it all needed to fit together with our farm operations.
    Jerry Keulen – Seabreeze Farms

Image: Jerry Keulen (right) in conversation with Honourable Norm Letnick (left), Minister of Agriculture BC.

Jerry Keulen and Honourable Norm Letnick Minister of Agriculture BC at Seabreeze Farms